Apprenticeships, Scholarships & Cadetships

Air pilots Scholarship Program list a variety of Scholarships within their membership group.

Airpilots offer a range of flying scholarships – visit the link below:

Qantas Engineering Apprenticeship Program

Qantas offer a range of engineering apprenticeships in various engineering fields:

Flying Training Scholarships

Women in Aviation Australia offer a large variety of Aviation scholarships, to find out more visit:

Flying Training Scholarships

The Australian Women Pilots’ Association offer a range of flying training scholarships:

Jetstar Cadet Pilot Program

Jetstar Cadet Pilot Program is on hold – please visit link for more information:

Jetstart Cadet Pilot Program

Aircraft Maintenance Apprenticeships

Virgin Australia offers Aircraft Maintenance Apprenticeships, for information visit:

Aircraft Maintenance Apprenticeship Program

Flying Training Scholarships

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) is offering flying training scholarships:

Pilot Cadetship

Rex offers a Pilot Cadet Program, with three intakes per year.