Mentor Program

“Whatever you choose to do, just do it, life is too precious.”

Kristin Alston, Lead Aviation Rescue Fire Fighter – Airservices Australia

The Aviation Careers Mentor Program is structured to enable women to take the necessary steps to plan and secure a rewarding career in the aviation industry.   The program helps to define aviation career goals and build a plan to achieve these goals with the guidance of supportive women currently working in the aviation industry. 

The program runs for three months with 2 x one hour meetings per month, which is a six hour commitment in total over the term of the program. 

Our next Aviation Careers Mentor Program will start in September 2023, if you would like to know more register your interest via the link below and we will be in touch.




“I work as a Systems Engineering Intern at Raytheon Australia in Under Water Systems. In my spare time, I enjoy encouraging girls to consider careers in STEM through representing Women in Aviation Careers at HSC Expos and being a UTS Women in Engineering and IT Scholar. I also build and design rockets.

I understand the challenges that women often face in pursuing careers in STEM.  I know that with the right tools and motivation, it is possible to break the bias. This is my mission.”

Simone Spisiak, Systems Engineering Intern at Raytheon Australia, a member of the UTS Rocketry Team and an Empowering Program Mentor – thank you Simone!